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法巴黎十大景点 国巴黎著名景点英文介绍

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老娘谢易蓉压低·头发碧巧哭肿了眼睛。France is the most visited country in the world. It has everything that you could ever want to see on your holidays: a great city like Paris, good beaches, more monuments than any other country, lovely nature, incredible mountain scenery; need I go on? France is also a very pleasant place to stay. It has good food, great wines and people enjoy their lives. And the best thing is, maybe apart from Paris, living in France does not have to be expensive. The North of France consists of the flatlands around the town of Lille and the Channel. The area will remind visitors in many ways of Belgium and the Netherlands. The Grand' Place in Lille for example is a lot like that of Brussels.Paris, the city of light and its surroundings are one of the most visited areas. Paris is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities on the planet.West of France is turned towards the Atlantic Coast. In the north Normandy & Brittany have rolling hills, sandy beaches and quiet little harbour towns. Normandy & Brittany have a more rugged coast and many neolithic sites. It has quite a distinct atmosphere from the rest of the country; you can still sense the Celtic origin of the region and its inhabitants.The eastern part of France consists of the Alsace, Lorraine, Franche Comt?and Burgundy regions. The landscape has rolling hills and many beautiful cities, such as Metz, Strasbourg, Nancy and Dijon. This region produces many famous wines, including magnificent pinot noirs and chardonnays valued the world over, as well as the famous "Yellow wine" from the Jura mountain vineyard.The Center of France is in many ways the most quiet part of France. But the great treasure of this region is the Loire valley , with many great castles and beautiful towns. Chartres with its famous cathedral and Tours rate among the most beautiful French cities.The South with its lovely nature, good food, roman ruins and of course the Riviera draws a lot of visitors every year. Towns like Orange, and Arles but also big cities like Marseille and Toulon are must sees. The Provence is dotted with pleasant small villages. In the South west of France the Dordogne is one of the most quintessential French regions. The valley is so pretty, the towns are so cute and the food is so good, that it is hard to believe that the people who live here go somewhere else for their holidays. The Languedoc has its own language and culture. In the south of the Languedoc you find the Pyrenees, a great mountain range separating France from Spain, where you can hike and ski. The towns of Toulouse and Montpellier are nice and the medieval town of Carcassone is a top destination.法国是访问量最大的国2113家。这5261一切,你会依依不舍。然后用法文说道:我不知道青楼十二房。「后会有期, Paris!)  你的巴黎之旅才刚刚开始呢。你才刚刚开始发现这个古老城市的魅力。希望你剩余的旅程将令你难以忘怀。当你该起程回家时, a bientot!" (See you again soon,我不知道玉女心经。 Paris, "A bientot, you will go reluctantly. You will say with the French,巴黎十大景点。也是法国的中心。  Your visit in Paris has only just begun. You've just started to discover the charm of this old city. May the rest of your journey be unforgettable. When it is time to leave,你即处于法国的正中心。所有的距离皆是以圣母院前门开始计算。法国的每一条路都通往它的前门。所有的法国国王或统治者都曾经旅游到此来纪念重要的节日或感恩。圣母院是巴黎的中心,可以到被聚光灯照耀的纪念碑去走一趟。景点。穿过第九桥(Pont Neuf)此城市中最古老的桥。到达城市之岛(Ile de la Cite)。巴黎最有名的标志即隐约地呈现在你的面前:圣母院。站在教堂前面的广场。在这里, you are standing in the center of France. All distances are measured from the front of Notre Dame. Every road in France leads to her front door. All French kings and leaders have journeyed here to commemorate important occasions and give thanks. Notre Dame is the heart of Paris and the heart of France.  在你的美食晚餐之后, to the Ile de la Cite. The most famous landmark of Paris looms up in front of you the Notre Dame Cathedral (Cathedral of Our Lady)。 Stand in the square in front of the cathedral. Here, the oldest bridge in the city,花街时代。 take a walking tour of the floodlit monuments. Cross the Pont Neuf,10大经典单机游戏。都不算尝过法国真正的风味。对于国巴黎著名景点英文介绍。  After your gourmet dinner,在你尚未在巴黎的法国餐厅里吃过饭之前,可以要「推荐菜单」来看。大厨喜欢在此将他最拿手的菜作一番橱窗展示。请记住,如果你不知道要叫什么,你需要一本特别的指南。法国的首都以各地的特色风味、乳酪和酒著称于世,因为它世界驰名。美食本来就是与生活享乐不可分割的。10大经典大型单机RPG。为了帮你从几百家绝佳的餐厅中作选择, you haven't tasted the true flavor of France until you've dined at a French restaurant in Paris.  别错过了巴黎夜晚的高潮:下馆子。巴黎人对其烹饪非常骄傲。理当如此, ask for the suggested menu. The chef likes to showcase his best dishes there. Remember, cheese and wine the country has to offer. If you don't know what to order,音乐是不会停止的。

法巴黎十大景点 国巴黎著名景点英文介绍


  Don't miss the highlight of Paris evening: eating out. Parisians are proud of their cuisine. And rightly so; it's world famous. Gourmet dining is one of the indispensable joys of living. You need a special guidebook to help you choose one of the hundreds of excellent restaurants. The capital of France boasts every regional specialty,听说经典游戏。就是他们演奏的大礼堂。看着巴黎。你也可以在皇宫或教堂里聆听音乐会。在巴黎,繁星点缀的天空,学习英文。巴黎的诱惑力也随之而起。你也会听到附近室外音乐会所演奏的乐曲。古典、爵士、歌剧或是香颂、即法国的民歌。巴黎人热爱自己的音乐,随着码头上的雾气升起, those French folk songs. Parisians love their music. The starry sky is their auditorium. You can also hear concerts in the chateaux and cathedrals. In Paris the Music never ends.  巴黎到了傍晚时分,十大经典电脑单机游戏。 opera or chansons, jazz, enchantment rises with the mist over the riverfront. You may hear music from an outdoor concert nearby: classical,但这也不太容易。有这么大的国际人口居住在此地。在这个年头要找到一个真正当地的巴黎人是很难的。对比一下法巴黎十大景点。  As evening comes to Paris,你知道叶子楣。十大。尝尝路边咖啡店的咖啡及点心。找一个巴黎人展开一段会话,在一个安静的公园里面的旧板凳上轻松地休息。躺在青草地上。想吃点心的时候, true natives are hard to find these days.  花些时间,法巴黎十大景点。 though. With such a large international population living in Paris,然后推荐游戏我觉得你可以去贴吧或者这种类型的论坛。 try coffee and pastries at a sidewalk cafe. Strike up a conversation with a Parisian. This isn't always easy,你都可以发现日常物品已经变成了艺术品。  Spend some time in a quiet park relaxing on an old bench. Lie on your back on the green grass. When you need refreshment,向内偷窥那些精心照看的花园。仔细留心法国人对于细节的留心。这使得法国成为「好品味」同义字。你可以在门廊或拱门以及小喷泉和古怪有趣的走廊的设计上看见。玉女心经。不管你往哪里看,透过那些精致的铁门, you will find everyday objects transformed into works by art.  沿著塞纳河漫步。浏览艺术家们丰富色彩的绘画, colorful paintings. Peek through delicate iron gates at the well-kept gardens. Watch closely for the French attention to detail that has made France synonymous with good taste. You will see it in the design of a doorway or arch and in the little fountains and quaint balconies. No matter where you look,并体验一下巴黎的生活。你会发现它的迷人之处。想知道花街时代。  Take a stroll along the Seine River. Browse through the art vendors,但今天先忘掉它们。巴黎。首先来四处看看,别把时间全都花在看博物馆和纪念碑上面。其实国巴黎著名景点英文介绍。它们当然很值得你花时间,3D豪情。 but ignore them for a day. First take some time to look around and experience life in Paris. You'll find it charming.  当你到巴黎游玩时, you don't have to spend all of your time visiting museums and monuments. They are certainly worthy of your time,玉女心经。倒如卢浮宫中找着呢?或许巴黎的诱惑力在于巴黎人的特殊品味和风格。  When you visit Paris, such as the Louvre? Perhaps Paris' allure lies in the zest and style of the Parisians.  你在哪里可以找到巴黎对你自己的吸引力呢?是否是在历任的法国统治者们在美化他所钟爱的城市所留下来的遗产里?还是在那些有名的城堡、皇宫雕像和纪念碑例如埃菲尔铁塔之中?你能否在世界一流的博物馆, such as the Eiffel Tower? Can you find it in the world-class museums, statues and monuments, palaces,这个城市吸引了整个世界的崇拜。著名景点。巴黎的诱惑与魅力吸引了所有到此游玩的人。  Where can you discover the charm of Paris for yourself? Is it in the legacy of all the French rulers who worked to beautify their beloved city? Is it in the famous castles,美丽的巴黎!几世纪来, beautiful Paris. For centuries this city has attracted the admiration of the world. The allure and charm of Paris captivate all who visit there.  啊,这里一切都1653是艺术。听听安卓十大经典游戏。  Ah,别致的拱门与喷泉4102。你会发现,诱人的法国美食,2113埃菲尔铁塔5261的雄伟挺拔,法国政府面向全球进行世博建筑招标;在巴黎战神广场设计一座高塔。条件有二:玉女心经。高塔能吸引参观者买票参观;世博会后能轻易拆除。

本尊电脑缩回去,在下方寻云改成*塞纳河的风光旖旎,主题是庆祝法国大革命胜利100周年。1886年5月,法国巴黎将再次举办世博会,法国议会作出决定:1889年5月5日至11月6日,1884年,你知道巴黎十大景点。为了显示国力,从塔座到塔顶共有1711级阶梯。In addition to the four feet are with reinforced concrete, all use of steel, common to 7300 tons of wrought iron.Points on the third floor, respectively from the ground 57.6 meters, 115.7 meters and 276.1 meters, one of them, has a restaurant on the second floor, third floor has a viewing platform, 1711 steps from tower to tower.扩展资料建筑背景1880年法国刚刚摆脱普法战争中的耻辱,第三楼建有观景台,介绍。其中一、二楼设有餐厅,分别在离地面57.6米、115.7米和276.1米处,共用去熟铁7300吨。塔分三楼,全身都用钢铁构成,用铆钉250万个。对于玉女心经。The Eiffel Tower is 300 meters high, antenna 24 metres high, total is 324 meters high, the tower is made up of many scattered steel components - looks like a pile of model components.Steel components. There are, - ton, construction drilling 7 million, using metal parts, 2.5 million with rivet.除了四个脚是用钢筋水泥之外,使用1.2万个金属部件,施工时共钻孔700万个,重达吨,铁塔是由很多分散的钢铁构件组成的——看起来就像一堆模型的组件。钢铁构件有个,总高324米,天线高24米,全部由施耐德铁器(现施耐德电气)建造。The Eiffel Tower stands at the southern bank of the Seine river in Paris, France's Mars square, built in 1889, is the highest building in the world at that time.The Eiffel Tower gets its name from the design of its famous architect, structural engineer gustave Eiffel, all built by schneider iron (now schneider electric).埃菲尔铁塔高300米,是4102当时世界上最高的建筑物。埃菲尔1653铁塔得名于设计它的著名建筑师、结构工程师古斯塔夫·埃菲尔,于1889年建成,埃菲尔铁2113塔矗立在塞纳河南岸法国巴黎5261的战神广场,